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my senpai is annoying

My Senpai Is Annoying (Senpai ga Uzai Kōhai no Hanashi) is a popular romantic comedy anime series based on the manga of the same name by Shiro Manta. The story revolves around the relationship between two coworkers, Futaba Igarashi and Harumi Takeda, who work in the same office.


Futaba Igarashi is a young and diligent office worker who takes her job seriously. She is highly focused and dedicated to her work, and she aims to climb the corporate ladder. However, her peaceful work life is disrupted when Harumi Takeda, her annoying and overbearing senpai (a senior colleague), is assigned to work alongside her.

Harumi Takeda is a carefree and easygoing individual who often teases and annoys Futaba. He has a laid-back attitude towards work and doesn't take things as seriously as Futaba does. Despite his annoying behavior, Harumi is good at his job and has a natural talent for it.

As the story progresses, Futaba finds herself increasingly irritated by Harumi's antics and struggles to maintain her composure. However, over time, she starts to see a different side of Harumi and realizes that there might be more to him than meets the eye. Gradually, a bond forms between them, leading to a complex and often humorous relationship.

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