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My Senpai Is Annoying
Episode 12

2021 • 23m

My Senpai Is Annoying

Takeda lands a new client and Igarashi worries he still thinks of her as a rookie so she volunteers to do one of his presentations by herself. The presentation is a success so Igarashi has ramen to celebrate. However, without Takeda, she does not enjoy it. She feels worse when Takeda is invited to drinks by the office ladies. Depressed, she goes drinking alone and remembers her first day of work when Takeda mistook her for a schoolgirl. A drunk mistakes Igarashi for a child and scolds her for drinking alcohol, until Takeda arrives, sends the drunk away, then joins Igarashi, explaining he would rather drink with her than the other ladies. Igarashi almost asks Takeda if he likes her again but stops herself. Takeda claims Igarashi has grown a lot in just a year, making her proud. She warns him she will one day be a full-grown salesperson and will not need him anymore, so he promises to be by her side every day until that happens. While walking in the rain, Igarashi must share Takeda's umbrella, flustering her when he pulls her in close. As such, she declares him to still be her annoying senpai.

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