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My Senpai Is Annoying
Episode 4

2021 • 23m

Someone Who'll Be By Your Side

Igarashi catches a cold, which worries everyone. With nothing in the refrigerator at home, she is forced to shop for groceries, but she finds Takeda outside her apartment with a bag of groceriesfor her. He cooks her dinner and leaves when she falls asleep. Igarashi recovers but feels mortified when she realizes she invited Takeda in her apartment. Takeda decides to buy a smartphone as he was the last to learn Igarashi was sick, so Igarashi helps him shop for a smartphone on their day off. She promises to look after him if he ever gets sick. They are seen together by Kurobe, who calls Igarashi later to tease her. Igarashi waits impatiently for Takeda to send a text and with Kazama's help Takeda manages to send one, making her happy. Takeda also catches a cold so Igarashi goes to his apartment to return the favor, despite her embarrassment. After Takeda eats and falls asleep, Igarashi cannot help wondering what his chin stubble feels like. However, when he wakes up, she is so embarrassed she karate chops him and flees. The next day, Takeda thanks her, unintentionally letting their co-workers know she visited his apartment. As he enjoyed her cooking so much, she offers to cook for him again.

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