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My Senpai Is Annoying
Episode 3

2021 • 23m

And Then, It's Christmas

Igarashi gives her scarf to a young girl, even though she herself is freezing, so Takeda gives her his scarf then tells everyone in the office, to her great embarrassment. Igarashi and Sakurai are selected to be office Santas. Igarashi considers buying Takeda a gift so Kurobe suggests a necktie. Sakurai in her Santa outfit is a big hit with the office men while Takeda teases Igarashi while wearing hers. Igarashi feels awkward about giving Takeda the tie and accidentally waits too long until Takeda has gone home. She sneaks into work early to leave it on Takeda's desk, but panics when Kazama also arrives early. No other opportunity appears but they do go for a Christmas meal after work. Sakurai has fun teasing Kazama about her costume while Kazama manages to ask her out for dinner, which she accepts. Igarashi finally gives Takeda the tie and Takeda reveals he also bought her a gift, a scarf to replace the one she gave away. Takeda does not wear the tie the next day for fear of getting it dirty and instead asks permission to display it on his desk, until a furious Igarashi forces him to wear it properly.

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