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My Senpai Is Annoying
Episode 10

2021 • 23m

Autumn, or Ordinary Days

Fearing she has gained weight, Sakurai begins jogging but later has to hide her pain from Kazama. Takeda enters a pork bun eating contest against Mona Tsukishiro from their office, but she quits after discovering they are served hot. Kazama gives Yūto some basketball training, but gets hit in the face due to Yūto's inaccuracy. Sakurai is grateful to Kazama anyway. Igarashi becomes jealous learning Takeda spent time with Tsukishiro so Takeda takes Igarashi for pork buns as well. Takeda, Igarashi, and Kurobe join in the next basketball session, which annoys Sakurai. After a chaotic game, everyone quits due to various injuries, leaving only Kazama and Kurobe who stubbornly play against each other for almost two hours, annoying Sakurai since they were supposed to be helping Yūto. Afterwards, everyone decides to visit a public bath, except for Sakurai who insists on some alone time with Kazama. In the baths, Igarashi is upset she has not grown at all since middle school, whereas Yūto discovers the secret to Takeda's size is lots of food, sleep, and milk. Sakurai and Kazama get hot dogs while everyone else gets milk after their hot baths to grow bigger.

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