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My Senpai Is Annoying
Episode 7

2021 • 23m

Here and Now

As a child, Kurobe competed in sports day but she was tripped during the race. Igarashi remembers meeting Kurobe in junior school after getting lost. Kurobe tricked Igarashi into going to an amusement arcade. The office arranges to attend a blossom viewing party as a group. While jogging, Kurobe meets Yūto and learns he wants to play basketball but is too scared to join the basketball club. Kurobe advises him to at least try so he will not regret it later. It is revealed her sports day competitor tripped her on purpose, causing her to hate competitions. As such, Igarashi told her to run for fun instead. At the party, Igarashi likes the pink blossoms but is embarrassed Takeda prefers green, the color of her hair. They talk about Kurobe convincing Igarashi to join art club and even beat up the bullies who teased her. They became good friends after this and Kurobe ended up joining track and field club. Igarashi attributes her courage to Kurobe's friendship while Takeda asks her to draw something for him one day. The party ends when people start getting too drunk. Kurobe later learns from Sakurai Yūto did finally join the basketball club.

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