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My Senpai Is Annoying
Episode 8

2021 • 23m

Everyone's Holidays

For Golden Week, Igarashi plans to clean her apartment. Meanwhile, Kazama overhears Sakurai rejecting another co-worker so he impulsively asks her on a date to an aquarium. Kazama is unsure how to act so he treats the situation like it is a game. Igarashi terrifies herself watching scary movies and calls Takeda, but hangs up from embarrassment. Regardless, Takeda visits her apartment. At the aquarium, Sakurai claims she and Kazama are a couple. Since they both have nothing else to do, Takeda and Igarashi decide to spend Golden Week together. Sakurai compliments Kazama on always helping others. During a dolphin show, he almost admitted his selfish reasons for doing so but is prevented when they were soaked by dolphin splash. Igarashi and Takeda go for ramen. Kazama buys Sakurai a dolphin toy that shares his name, Souta. Takeda wins Igarashi a toy from a claw machine. Sakurai is harassed by two men until Kazama claims they are together, making Sakurai blush even though he admits he borrows the words from a manga. Everyone returns to work happier than before.

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