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My Senpai Is Annoying
Episode 11

2021 • 23m

The Seasons Come and Go

At the end of year office party, everyone discusses their plans for New Year's. Later at Sakurai's house, Yūto has plans with his friends, meaning Sakurai and Kazama will be alone all night. Elsewhere, while Igarashi spends the night with Kurobe, she misses Takeda. The next morning, everyone visits the shrine for New Year's Day. Igarashi spots Takeda so Kurobe makes an excuse to leave Igarashi alone with Takeda. They have their fortunes drawn and both receive the message the person they have been waiting for is right beside them, though they both hide this from each other. Later at Takeda's favorite restaurant, Igarashi watches Kazama and Sakurai being interviewed on TV where they talk about Igarashi and Takeda's uncertain relationship, which causes Igarashi to furiously rush back to the shrine to punish Kazama, all while Takeda remains oblivious. After he recovers, Kazama tells Sakurai he much preferred spending the day with her than his original plan of spending the time alone. A nearby child attempts to show Kazama a photo she took, but Sakurai prevents Kazama from seeing it as it shows her kissing him while he was unconscious.

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