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My Senpai Is Annoying
Episode 9

2021 • 23m

A Light-Hearted Summer Vacation

Igarashi is invited to an overnight beach trip with Sakurai, Yūto, and Kurobe but is annoyed when Kazama and Takeda are invited, implying she feels inferior to Sakurai and Kurobe's since they are well-endowed chests. Takeda assures Igarashi he values her personality. Over dinner, Igarashi stops Takeda from revealing she has cooked for him several times. Elsewhere, Yūto reveals to Kurobe he has a friend who is a girl and other kids at his school tease him for it, but Kurobe assures him it is normal and suggests the girl might one day become his girlfriend. That night, the girls tease Igarashi for her implied closeness to Takeda before Kurobe interrogates Sakurai about Kazama. Meanwhile, Kazama cannot sleep due to Takeda's snoring. The next morning, Takeda and Sakurai interrogate each other about Igarashi and Kazama, respectively, embarrassing both who overhear the conversation. After another day of fun, Kazama gets more embarrassing photos of Takeda and Igarashi falling asleep together. Kurobe is glad Igarashi works with such nice people. Igarashi bravely asks Takeda to spend next summer together. The next day at work, it is clear Igarashi and Takeda both forgot sunscreen and both have dark tans.

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