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My Senpai Is Annoying
Episode 1

2021 • 23m

Each Other's Stride

Futaba Igarashi works for Itomaki Trading with goals of becoming a salesperson. Being diminutive stature, Igarashi is dwarfed by her senpai, Harumi Takeda, who is taller than average and teases her by tousling her hair. Igarashi and Takeda visit companies to give sales pitches. Takeda lets Igarashi give the pitch and she makes her very first sale. The next day, Igarashi learns she made a mistake and owes the client an apology, then feels worse when Takeda gives the apology. Igarashi forgets her train pass and returns to the office to retrieve it where she finds Takeda asleep, having worked late to fix her mistake. Igarashi returns to normal the next day, to her co-workers' relief, develops a better pitch and makes an even bigger sale to the client. She apologizes for causing Takeda trouble then they go out drinking to celebrate. Igarashi becomes drunk and, wondering why Takeda is nice to her, demands to know if he likes her, and he confirms that he does, like a daughter. Igarashi drunkenly bemoans not being thought of like his wife then quickly realizes what she just said and becomes embarrassed.

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