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My Senpai Is Annoying
Episode 2

2021 • 23m

Udon with the Occasional Full Moon

The next day, Igarashi tells Takeda she did not mean what she said while Takeda admits he thought it was funny due to her being drunk. Igarashi is relieved yet disappointed. Kazama has lunch with co-workers who all want to date Sakurai, yet Kazama has never even tried asking her out. Igarashi is annoyed when the same co-workers comment she looks like Takeda's daughter. Igarashi asks Sakurai how to grow bigger breasts then panics when Sakurai assumes she wants to impress Takeda. Igarashi goes shopping with Natsumi Kurobe, and while trying on clothes pads her bra to see what big breasts would be like. Igarashi realizes she forgot to un-pad her bra when Takeda and Kazama both get on her train. However, Takeda remains oblivious. This upsets Igarashi who believes Takeda does not think of her as a woman. Sakurai is asked out by another co-worker, so Kazama helps her by faking a phone call, which Sakurai finds sweet. Takeda catches a creep taking photographs of Igarashi's underwear. Sakurai asks Kazama out to dinner. Igarashi admits she respects Takeda more now, but still punches him when he calls her a "little" lady.

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