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My Senpai Is Annoying
Episode 5

2021 • 23m

Valentine Symphony

Valentine's Day approaches. Igarashi and Kurobe help a young man find his way, making Igarashi happy when he recognizes her as an adult. Sakurai plans her usual chocolates for everyone, with the men all hoping to get special heartfelt chocolates this year. Igarashi spends most of the day without Takeda and feels sad, until he invites her to ramen after work. While waiting for Igarashi to arrive, Takeda saves the same young man from thieves. Later Igarashi and Sakurai arrive, they realize he is Yūto, Sakurai's younger brother. Takeda and Igarashi go for ramen. Kazama sees Sakurai with Yūto, thinking she is on a date, becomes very depressed. Igarashi makes everyone chocolate, including a special green tea chocolate for Takeda as he does not like sweets, though she worries he might think it is heartfelt chocolate. Meanwhile, Sakurai gives heartfelt chocolate to Kazama, but he becomes upset when he thinks she is only giving it to him out of sheer courtesy. Sakurai quickly clarifies the misunderstanding about Yūto and Kazama apologizes. Igarashi later claims to have seen Kazama with a ridiculously big grin on his face, which everyone finds hard to believe.

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