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My Senpai Is Annoying
Episode 6

2021 • 23m

Grandpa Hearts Futaba

Sakurai accidentally sends a misleading photograph of Igarashi and Takeda to Igarashi's grandfather. Igarashi goes shopping for her own birthday present, causing Takeda to realize their birthdays are the same day, so they buy each other flowers. Igarashi's grandfather then arrives and, despite having similar personalities, butts heads with Takeda over who has the right to tousle Igarashi's hair. Despite trying to avoid each other, Grandpa and Takeda have a lot of hobbies in common, repeatedly bumping into each other and competing childishly at fishing, baseball and even litter picking, gaining a grudging respect for each other. Grandpa reminisces about raising Igarashi until she decided to live by herself for high school. White Day arrives and Kazuma gets Sakurai macarons. Takeda gets Igarashi medicine for her yearly hayfever outbreak and an invitation to dinner for White Day. Takeda bumps into Grandpa in the bathroom and informs him Igarashi is doing just fine since she is as stubborn as Grandpa. Delinquents harass Igarashi but are swiftly punished by Takeda and Grandpa working together. Despite her annoyance at the both of them, Igarashi forgives them and all three go to dinner together.

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