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No Game No Life
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No Game No Life follows the exploits of Blank – in other words, the duo of Sora and Shiro, siblings (or are they?) who live a very sheltered life of unemployment and isolation from the world. However, combined with Sora’s gaming skills and Shiro’s massively high intellect, they make a great tag-team unit for the world of online gaming, simultaneously defeating anyone who comes to their way. One day, their gaming prowess gets noticed by a mysterious messenger, the god Tet, who sucks them into the world of Disboard – where everything is decided by means of gaming, and the Ten Pledges installed as a means of overseeing this form of conflict resolution.

Eventually, Sora and Shiro’s gaming mastery leads them to become rulers of a human nation within Disboard, Elkia – which, following the death of their previous ruler, the King of Spades look-alike on a standard deck of playing cards, has become desolate and has declined in terms of gaming superiority. Along with their new-found allies Jibril, an angelic being and Stephanie Dola, the grand-daughter of the former monarch and the heir to the throne, they engage in a great challenge to restore Elkia to its former glory by conquering all of its neighboring opponents, and redeeming Stephanie’s grandfather’s legacy.

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