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No Game No Life
Episode 12

2014 • 23m

E12: Rule Number 10

After easily defeating Sora and Shiro, Izuna lets her guard down and is consequently defeated by Stephanie piggybacking on a non-player character. Sora bound Stephanie to the Ten Covenants in order to hide her intent while Shiro calculated the movements of the non-player character in order to hide Stephanie's location. As Ino announces that Elkia won over the Eastern Union, Izuna laments the fate of the Werebeasts, though Sora and Shiro assure Izuna of their goodwill. Later on, the Shrine Maiden, the nameless representative of the Eastern Union, challenges Sora to a game of heads or tails in her shrine. The Shrine Maiden chooses tails as Sora tosses the coin in the air, though the coin lands on its edge. Sora convinces the Shrine Maiden to declare both of them winners. This would allow Elkia to share resources with the Eastern Union while the Shrine Maiden keeps the ability to self-rule the Werebeasts. Sora and Shiro believe that the Ten Covenants would allow them to unite all sixteen races in order to challenge Tet to a game. In the aftermath, Sora and Shiro request the Shrine Maiden to channel an Old Deus, the first ranked godly race of the Exceed, for the next game.

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