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No Game No Life
Episode 6

2014 • 23m

E6: Interesting

Challenging Jibril to a game for the ownership over the main library, Sora and Shiro wager their tablet computer which contains thousands of valuable ebooks. After Sora fondles Jibril's sensitive wings, Jibril offers her freedom in exchange. They play a game of materialization word chain, where their spoken words will materialize or disappear from the environment, starting with an atomic bomb. During the game of materialization word chain, Sora tells Jibril that Imanity is not as weak as she thinks. Sora and Shiro cleverly and gradually dismantle the planet by removing its outer core, lithosphere and oxygen gas. This leads them to inducing a hypernova by nullifying Coulomb's law. Jibril loses the game of materialization word chain after realizing that Sora and Shiro orchestrated the gameplay from the very beginning. An impressed Jibril solemnly swears her loyalty to Sora and Shiro, who allow Jibril to stay in the main library.

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