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No Game No Life
Episode 11

2014 • 23m

E11: Killing Giant

Sora and Shiro snap out of their funk after Ino reminds them that they are in a virtual reality field. Ino explains that the challenge will be a game of cops and robbers, where they use lovey-dovey guns that shoot heart-shaped bullets against non-player characters in the form of animal girls. Stephanie remains clueless about the rules of the game. Sora, Shiro and Jibril battle against Izuna, who manages to evade even the most relentless attacks. When Sora, Shiro and Jibril hide under a corridor, it is shown that Ino secretly relayed their location to Izuna. Sora, Shiro, Stephanie and Jibril then regroup in a park, as Shiro makes proper and private adjustments to the plan of action. Executing the unspoken plan of action, it is later revealed that Izuna was tricked into believing that Shiro switched sides, but Shiro threw her shirt button in the trajectory of the bullet instead. Izuna soon finds herself in a dire situation when she is cornered by Sora and Shiro. This forces Izuna to use an ability called Blood Break, which augments her physical capabilities.

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