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No Game No Life
Episode 4

2014 • 23m

E4: Grandmaster

Chlammy is caught off guard when her chess pieces gradually defect to her former queen, and her king is eventually assassinated due to her tyrannical rule. With Sora and Shiro now victorious, Sora denounces Chlammy for her plan to assimilate Imanity with the Elves, telling her not to underestimate Imanity. Three days later, Sora and Shiro are crowned the representative king and queen of Imanity, and they begin resolving political and economical problems in Elkia. At their coronation, Sora and Shiro give a compelling speech before being bestowed the king race piece of Imanity, a chess piece which represents the nation's rights and freewill. At night, Sora and Shiro learn that the Flügel are the sixth ranked angelic race of the Exceed living on the floating nation of Avant Heim. They are visited by Tet, who explains that whoever gathers all sixteen chess pieces from each species will earn the right to challenge him for his title of god. In response, Sora and Shiro accept his challenge, declaring that they will be the winner.

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