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No Game No Life
Episode 3

2014 • 23m

E3: Expert

As Sora, Shiro and Stephanie crash Chlammy's coronation, they reveal that Chlammy won games by using magic from Fiel Nirvalen, who is one of the Elves, the seventh ranked pointy-eared race living in vast land of Elven Gard. Although Chlammy salvages the situation, she is forced to challenge Sora and Shiro to a game. Chlammy later informs Sora, Shiro and Stephanie that she plans to cut ties with the Elves after she wins the game. As Sora and Shiro refuses to withdraw, Chlammy challenges them to a game of live chess, using animated chess pieces. After Sora deduces that charisma and leadership skills affect the gameplay, Shiro is shown to be incapable of sacrificing her chess pieces, losing her knight in the process. Sora takes over and rallies his remaining chess pieces, which gives him an advantage over Chlammy. However, Chlammy is forced to cheat by corrupting Sora's chess pieces. In retaliation, Sora persuades Chlammy's queen to join his side by declaring her king to be corrupt. As Shiro reassures Sora that everything will be okay, Sora comes up with a plan to turn the tables.

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