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No Game No Life
Episode 2

2014 • 23m

E2: Challenger

Having lost against Chlammy in their game of poker, Stephanie confronts Sora for not revealing how Chlammy cheated. Sora ropes Stephanie into a game of rock paper scissors. Stephanie begins to overthink when Sora claims that he will only play paper, leading her to play scissors, yet he easily wins by playing rock instead. Sora uses the Ten Covenants in order to make Stephanie fall in love with him, though Shiro makes the situation awkward. Sora and Shiro then move into the kingdom of Elkia with Stephanie, who later explains that Imanity represents the human race within Disboard. Imanity is the sixteenth ranked sentient race of the Exceed because they have no affinity to magic whatsoever. Stephanie desires to prove that her deceased grandfather Makoto Dola, the former king of Elkia, was not a foolish king. Sora uses the Ten Covenants in order to convince Chlammy to wear Stephanie's heirloom dress in preparation for her coronation. Afterwards, Sora and Shiro set off to help Stephanie prove that Makoto was not a foolish king.

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