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No Game No Life
Episode 7

2014 • 23m

E7: Sacrifice

Jibril notes that Stephanie was only ordered to fall in love with Sora, not stay in love with him. Meanwhile, Chlammy and Fiel discuss that the quality of life in Elkia has improved. Jibril tells Sora, Shiro and Stephanie about the history of the Werebeasts, which revealed that the Werebeasts have been undefeated for half a century, always wiping the memories of opponents who lost the games. Discovering that Makoto challenged the Werebeasts eight times and lost a large amount of territory in the last decade, Sora denounces Makoto's motives as a king and brings tears to Stephanie's eyes. Upon further investigation at night, Sora sees Shiro as a genuinely pure human as he strives to believe in Makoto's motives. Previously entrusted by Makoto, Stephanie gives Sora a special key, which unlocks a hidden library within Makoto's royal chambers. Sora, Shiro, Stephanie and Jibril discover that Makoto did not have his memories erased, but instead recorded information about the Werebeasts which would be passed on to the next ruler.

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