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No Game No Life
Episode 5

2014 • 23m

E5: Weak Square

As Stephanie is fed up with Sora and Shiro delegating their duties to her, Stephanie challenges Sora to a game with the wager of him being a decent person if she wins. Stephanie challenges Sora to a game of blackjack. Sora wins with card counting even when Stephanie attempted to implement false shuffling. After humiliating three aristocrats, Sora uses his wager to dress up Stephanie in a dog costume. However, Stephanie closely resembles one of the Werebeasts, the fourteenth ranked animal-eared race of the Exceed living in the islands of the Eastern Union, who possess superior senses and physical abilities as well as a sixth sense. Stephanie challenges Sora and Shiro to several prediction games, only for the former to lose her dignity each time. As Sora and Shiro exploit Stephanie for not having knowledge in probability, they tell her that there is not enough information about the Werebeasts. Realizing that Sora and Shiro were not fooling around with their duties, Stephanie redirects them to the main library in Elkia, owned by Jibril, the youngest and strongest Flügel.

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