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No Game No Life
Episode 8

2014 • 23m

E8: Fake End

Sora, Shiro, Stephanie and Jibril visit the embassy of the Eastern Union, where they meet Ino Hatsuse, the assistant ambassador of the Werebeasts. Inside the embassy, they meet Izuna Hatsuse, Ino's granddaughter and the ambassador of the Werebeasts. Sora and Shiro challenges Ino and Izuna to a game between the nations of Elkia and the Eastern Union for all of the land on the continent. Based on the four games that the Elves lost against the Werebeasts, it is deduced that the Werebeasts made a video game that would allow them to cheat, meaning that the Werebeasts cannot read minds. Threatening to leak this information to the Elves if their challenge is not accepted, Sora and Shiro wager Imanity's king race piece and Elkia's territory. One week later, Sora leaves to accept a challenge on his own. Two days later, Shiro realizes that Stephanie have no recollection of Sora.

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