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No Game No Life
Episode 9

2014 • 23m

E9: Sky Walk

As Stephanie believes that Shiro's memories may have been tampered with, Jibril challenges Shiro to a game of chess in order to remove the supposed false memories of Sora. Deciding to hold onto these memories, Shiro wins the game of chess and claims that Sora is indeed real. Shiro realizes that Stephanie and Jibril cannot recall what happened the day after Sora disappeared. After further investigation, Shiro recalls that Sora challenged Chlammy to a game of Othello, where the disks collectively make up their existence. The wager is to manipulate the memories of their respective partners Shiro and Fiel. After Jibril detects magic in the royal chambers, Stephanie trips on two sets of three disks on the floor. Using Sora's three disks, Shiro places each of them on an invisible uncheckered board, thereby winning the game of Othello and restoring Sora's existence. With this victory, Sora shares his memories with Chlammy in order to form an alliance and gains the right to alter Fiel's memories as he pleases.

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