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The Faraway Paladin
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the faraway paladin

The Faraway Paladin (Saihate no Paradin) follows the story of Will, a young man who is reborn into a fantasy world as a baby after his death in his previous life. He is found and raised by three undead: Blood, a heroic skeleton warrior; Mary, a ladylike mummy priestess; and Gus, a crotchety ghost wizard. These three beings were once legendary heroes who fought against evil but are now living undead in this new world.


Will grows up in this unusual family, learning from his undead foster parents about the world's history, combat, and magic. He also gains knowledge from the memories of his previous life, which makes him incredibly knowledgeable and wise beyond his years.


As he grows older, Will decides to set out on his own journey, seeking his purpose and destiny in this new world. Guided by the principles instilled in him by his undead mentors, he aspires to become a great hero and combat the dark forces that threaten the world. Armed with the knowledge of his past life and the skills he learned from his undead family, Will aims to make a difference and protect those he cares about.

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