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The Faraway Paradin
Episode 12

2022 • 23m

The Faraway Paladin

Will is intercepted by Menel, who refuses to let him go off without a fight, forcing Will to relent and return to the village. Together with their companions, they begin to work out a plan to eliminate the demon beasts, and Will and Menel fight their way to the demon chief's hideout. Confronted by the chimera, Will realizes that the demon beasts were summoned to clear the Beast Woods of human habitation so that demons could take over the City of the Dead and enable the High King's release. While Will and Menel defeat the chimera, Reystov slips past them and kills the chief demon. As the village celebrates, Menel suggests that, with this victory, Will is in a good position to assume official governorship over the Beast Wood; and after some reluctance, Will acknowledges its merits for his mission to re-promote Gracefeel's faith.

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