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Yuri Is My Job!
Episode 9

2023 • 23m

The One and Only

After Kanoko ignores Sumika's warning, a flashback shows that in middle school, she hated everyone, including Hime, for making her join in group activities. She was surprised when Hime noticed this and told her things would not improve unless she was honest with others. Kanoko's anger would eventually cause her to damage a sign she worked on that was meant to be used for a class video to congratulate their teacher's wedding, which was only seen by Hime. When Hime covered for her, Kanoko realized Hime kept her real personality hidden with her façade and lies. Once they became friends, Kanoko was able to better communicate her preferences to people and became closer to them, though not as close as with Hime. Hime and Kanoko later took their first selfie together, which secretly started Kanoko's obsession. Back in the present, Kanoko is certain only she is suitable to be Hime's Schwestern.

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