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Yuri Is My Job!
Episode 8

2023 • 23m

For Whom Shall I Cast My Vote?

Sumika recalls a troubling incident involving two former waitresses. Concerned about Kanoko's behavior, Sumika warns Kanoko her possessiveness could actually push Hime further away. After Kanoko runs off, Sumika is determined to stop her from doing anything reckless. With a week of voting remaining, Mai reveals Mitsuki is currently in first place, followed by Sumika, Kanoko, and Hime. Hime decides to stop competing and support Mitsuki as Blume Schwester, the sister of the Blume winner. Kanoko cannot handle this and impulsively asks Sumika to become Schwestern with her and win Blume to prevent Hime from becoming Blume Schwester. Despite her concerns, Sumika agrees but only so she can stop Kanoko's jealousy from going any further. Kanoko later tells Hime she is Sumika's Schwestern and will be voting for her. This reveal delights the customers who all vote for Sumika. While hanging out together, Kanoko asks Sumika to make a rule abolishing the Schwestern if she becomes Blume, hoping Hime will leave Mitsuki. Sumika angrily confronts Kanoko over her possessiveness and tells her that she needs to stop or else.

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