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Yuri Is My Job!
Episode 7

2023 • 23m

It's Called Gyaru, Right?

Mai announces the yearly Blume election to determine the most popular waitress, with the winner getting to create a new rule for the café. When Hime becomes unsure whether to vote for herself or Mitsuki, Kanoko announces she will vote for Hime. Sumika tries to return Kanoko's phone but struggles due to Kanoko's hesitancy. Hime scolds Kanoko since Sumika is not exactly a stranger anymore. Hime tries to gain customer votes for herself, yet she notices Mitsuki trying to push votes towards Sumika. Sumika suggests she may seduce Hime away from Mitsuki, but Kanoko jealously gets between them. After Sumika gives Kanoko her phone back, she worries she teased Kanoko too much. Hime and Kanoko see Sumika in her normal clothes and realize she is a gyaru, making Kanoko even more nervous of her. Kanoko confirms Sumika's suspicion about the former's jealousy when she hints she may vote for Hime. While Hime and Kanoko are in the back, the cook Nene points out that despite her gyaru appearance, Sumika is a hard worker. Sumika and Kanoko manage to talk about books and Kanoko realizes Sumika is not really scary after all.

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