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Yuri Is My Job!
Episode 6

2023 • 23m

So There's No Need for Lies Anymore?

Mai hides the reviews from Mitsuki while Hime decides to put extra effort into her performance to satisfy the customers. While Mitsuki tries to act normally, the atmosphere becomes so uncomfortable a customer openly tells Hime she should stop trying so hard. Hime leaves upset so the customer hurriedly explains to Mitsuki that she only meant she preferred their relationship prior to the rumors starting. Kanoko is confused about the situation, but Hime insists none of it is Mitsuki's fault. Mitsuki, now aware of the rumors, cannot reconcile Hime's kindness with her past as a liar. To spare Mitsuki, Hime publicly declares her sisterly love in front of the customers. Mitsuki realizes Hime was telling the truth and admits she loves her too, much to the customers' delight. After they leave, Hime is happy to be friends again, but Mitsuki, having meant it as a romantic declaration, becomes angry and embarrassed, confusing Hime. Their reconciliation draws in even more customers, despite Mitsuki blushing every time she and Hime interact lovingly. Sumika worries that Kanoko is visibly jealous, especially when she finds Kanoko's phone, which contains numerous photographs of Hime.

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