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Yuri Is My Job!
Episode 5

2023 • 23m

If We Could Start Over

Hime is furious until Kanoko points out if Mitsuki knows about her façade then Hime does not need to try to make Mitsuki like her anymore. Flashbacks show Mitsuki hoped to rekindle their friendship until she realized Hime had forgotten her. Sumika notices Hime and Mitsuki have stopped acting like Schwestern and prompts Hime to do so, but it only causes Mitsuki to have an angry outburst. Afterwards, Mai considers removing the Schwestern part of their act. Mitsuki later confronts Hime alone and finally learns the truth as to why Hime quit playing the piano. As such, Mitsuki decides they will continue as Schwestern as long as it takes to get it right. Mai puts them through a practice run, telling them to put their real feelings into their characters, and they manage to convincingly portray loving Schwestern again. Hime realizes she wants Mitsuki to like her for real. The next day, Sumika tells Hime that Mitsuki's outburst has received negative reviews online and many customers think Mitsuki is bullying Hime.

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