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Yuri Is My Job!
Episode 4

2023 • 23m

I Hate You

Hime recalls that in elementary school, she struggled to get Mitsuki to like her like everyone else until they bonded over their piano playing. They quickly grew close enough that Hime confessed about the façade she used to make people like her. Mitsuki was happy with this as it meant she was Hime's only real friend. The other girls in their class grew jealous and accused Mitsuki of bullying Hime into being her friend. Hime would eventually quit playing the piano as it was making Mitsuki a target of bullying. Not knowing this, Mitsuki revealed Hime's façade, exposing her selfish personality. The girls abandoned Hime, who had no friends until she graduated to middle school, while Mitsuki transferred schools and never saw Hime again. Back in the present, Mitsuki is upset Hime did not recognize her, despite being Schwestern for weeks, and confirms she still hates her. Hime is still angry about Mitsuki's betrayal and hates her too.

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