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Yuri Is My Job!
Episode 3

2023 • 23m

What Should I Believe?

Growing tired of Mitsuki's criticisms, Hime deliberately puts extra effort into her Schwestern act to prove Mitsuki wrong and secretly gloats when Mitsuki praises her. However, after the customers leave, Mitsuki once again scolds her. Kanoko wonders why Hime is trying so hard to impress Mitsuki. Hime explains when she was in elementary school, a mean girl named Yano exposed her selfish personality to her friends who then rejected her, teaching her that people who dislike you are the ones you should impress the most to survive. Hime is devastated when Mitsuki overhears this and panics so much that Mitsuki might reveal her secret she cannot focus, so Mai sends her to work in the backroom instead. Fed up, Mitsuki finally confronts Hime about hiding her personality but promises to tell no one. Realizing Mitsuki is a good person at heart, Hime explains how the cruel Yano exposed her secret years ago. This causes Mitsuki to furiously reveals her real name is Mitsuki Yano and she was the girl who exposed Hime.

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