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Yuri Is My Job!
Episode 2

2023 • 23m

Let's All Be Waitresses Together

Mai asks Hime not to tell her friends about the café since having friends as customers makes acting difficult. Hime tries to help Kanoko be more assertive, but Kanoko is overcome with nerves trying to tell Hime something important. When Kanoko visits the café, Mai insists Hime treat her like a stranger. Kanoko obliviously causes a scene when Hime does this while acting as Mitsuki's Schwestern. Soaked with water, Mai lets Kanoko borrow a waitress uniform, which Hime comments makes her look cute. The next day, Mai hires Kanoko as a waitress; Hime is convinced Mai is blackmailing Kanoko too, even though Kanoko took the job willingly. Mai has them practice taking customer food orders in character. Hime makes numerous mistakes while Kanoko's nervousness actually makes customers adore her. Mitsuki expertly covers Hime's mistakes, making her think Mitsuki is looking out for her. Hime is surprised when Kanoko assertively scolds her for causing Mitsuki trouble, then both scold her together for continuing to repeatedly make basic mistakes.

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