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Yuri Is My Job!
Episode 12

2023 • 23m

Welcome to Summer at Liebe Girls' Academy!

With the election over, Mai introduces summer uniforms but there are concerns it makes Mitsuki's breasts too obvious. While Mitsuki herself insists it is fine, the customers cannot help but stare. Hime jealously hides them by doing all Mitsuki's work. Meanwhile, Kanoko is uncomfortable acting as Sumika's Schwestern in public. Sumika later has Mitsuki hide her breasts under a scarf just in case a customer complains until Hime tells her she should not feel ashamed, causing Mitsuki proudly gets rid of it. However, she is flustered over misunderstanding Hime's claim she wants her body. Mai introduces new varieties of tea based on the waitresses' personalities which they should recommend to customers. Hime, who has no palate for tea, cannot even tell the difference and struggles when describing the flavors to customers. After Mitsuki rescues her, she scolds Hime until she has memorized the names and flavors of every tea on the menu. Hime gets revenge by acting up in front of customers where Mitsuki has to be nice to her at all times, which both flusters and annoys her at the same time.

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