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Yuri Is My Job!
Episode 11

2023 • 23m

Blume der Liebe

It is revealed Mitsuki got the most customer votes, but after adding the staff votes, Sumika is voted the Blume winner as surprisingly Kanoko voted for her instead of Hime. Sumika apologizes to Kanoko and promises to stop interfering with her personal life. Realizing something is wrong, Hime asks Sumika to be nicer to Kanoko. Sumika and Kanoko meet privately and Sumika reveals her new rule; once a Schwestern pair is established, they cannot break up or switch partners. Kanoko accepts this, content she stopped Mitsuki from becoming Blume. When Sumika abruptly decides to help Kanoko confess to Hime, Kanoko reveals Hime's façade and how her true personality makes her incapable of romantic love. As such, she decided never to confess because she could not bear it if Hime rejected her. Sumika promises to keep Hime's secret and realizes it also explains her strange relationship with Mitsuki. At her Blume victory speech, Sumika asks Kanoko to become Schwestern to support her with Hime going forward. Hime is happy Sumika and Kanoko are friendly again. Sumika then officially creates the rule that everyone must remain friends.

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