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Yuri Is My Job!
Episode 10

2023 • 23m

Will You Break It All?

Sumika decides to tell Kanoko about the former waitresses. The café began with just herself, Mai, and a girl named Saionji, who was Sumika's friend and Schwestern. Eventually, they hired a girl named Goeido, who turned out to be manipulative and chose to seduce Saionji just to hurt Sumika. By the time Sumika warned Saionji, she was already dating Goeido and became her Schwestern instead. Having ruined their friendship, Goeido dumped Saionji and quit without warning. Kanoko still refuses to give up Hime. With the end of the election approaching, everyone is given their ballots, which count for 90 normal votes. Kanoko later becomes so confused she almost snaps at Sumika in front of the customers. Hime notices and asks why she is angry at Sumika, causing her to snap at Hime instead. Sumika starts to worry she has gone too far, yet is still determined to prevent romance from ruining the café again. Nene, who is revealed to be Saionji, points out that while Sumika feels she is helping, in reality she has no right to dictate who people are allowed to love. The next day, the staff all cast their votes.

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