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Yuri Is My Job!
Episode 1

2023 • 23m

Welcome to Liebe Girls Academy

Hime Shiraki is beautiful, intelligent and popular, but beneath her façade of perfection she is selfish and manipulative. One day, Hime falls down some stairs and onto Mai Koshiba, breaking her arm. Mai reveals she manages Café Liebe, a café where waitresses cosplay as students of the fictional Liebe Girls Academy. Unable to work, Mai and waitress Sumika Chibana guilt Hime into working at the café until her arm heals. Hime is uncomfortable with the café’s shōjo manga atmosphere and does not perform well. To her surprise, fellow waitress Mitsuki Ayanokouji treats her kindly in front of the customers but becomes cruel to her once the café closes. Kanoko Mamiya, Hime's friend who knows her true personality, frets over Hime getting such a strange job. Mai decides, due to customer reviews, Hime and Mitsuki will act as sister-like best friends named Schwesterns, which Mitsuki immediately rejects. Hime does her best to convince Mitsuki to agree during their next performance, but it comes off as pushy and manipulative and Mitsuki is forced to agree to be Schwestern. Hime becomes confused when Mitsuki privately reveals she deeply despises her.

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