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Prison Break
Season 1 Episode 3

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S1 E3

Prison Break Season 1 Episode 3

Cell Test

After Michael is bandaged up in the infirmary he meets with Veronica Donovan to talk about Lincoln Burrows' exoneration. While painting a room, Michael hides a cell phone in a small power box in the wall. Sucre sees this and starts to imagine if he could use it whenever he wanted. However, Lincoln tells a guard that Sucre has a cellphone in his possession. When Sucre is asked about the phone from a guard, he denies it, even to the point of losing his conjugal. This proves to Michael that his cellmate can hold a secret.

However, Sucre bargains with Michael for use of the phone, until Michael reveals that it is just a replica carved out of soap. Michael then approaches a dismayed Sucre with the breakout plan. Sucre doesn't like the plan because he says he can get out in 16 months and Maricruz, his fiancee, will wait for him.

Philly Falzone meets with John Abruzzi in the meeting room to try to get Fibbonaci's name. Abruzzi disappoints him and recommends trying a different method of getting it.

Sucre requests a cell transfer so he won't have to be caught trying to break out. Abruzzi tries to make amends with Michael by beating up T-Bag. Lincoln Burrows talks with his son L.J. to try to inspire him. After some discussion, L.J agrees to witness his fathers execution. Michael's new cell mate, "Haywire", joins him in his cell.


Michael plans to dig in his cell while his cell mate is sleeping, however, "Haywire" has a medical condition which means he does not sleep at all.

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