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Prison Break
Season 1 Episode 13

Runtime: 43 mins

Prison Break S1 E13

Prison Break Season 1 Episode 13

End of the Tunnel

Abruzzi is flown out of the prison to a hospital after his throat was cut with a razor blade by T-Bag. With Lincoln now in the SHU, the five remaining inmates discuss what is going to happen. Michael wants to postpone the breakout until he finds a way to get Burrows out of solitary confinement in the 32 hours until his execution. However, the other four conspirators want to go as soon as possible. It becomes clear to Michael that the escape is happening that night.


After praying for Burrows with the prison priest, Michael gives a crucifix necklace to the priest asking to send it to Burrows. The priest agrees and gives it to Burrows in confinement. Burrows finds that the crucifix has been tampered with, and after pulling it apart he discovers a hollow area in the back of the cross contains a small black pill, along with a tiny piece of paper that read "EAT 8:10". Michael had hidden it previously in order to get Lincoln into the infirmary. Lincoln takes the pill at 8:10 pm, 50 minutes before the breakout, and suddenly collapses onto the ground, grasping his stomach. The guards promptly deliver him to the infirmary and Dr. Tancredi tells him that she believes he had had food poisoning.


The five escapees use the series of pipes to crawl to the vent underneath the infirmary, where Michael's group needs to enter to proceed to the wire that they must all crawl across to escape. However, when they arrive at the maintenance room which was right beneath the infirmary, Michael realizes the pipe which he had corroded previously, had been replaced. The team stare at Michael and the pipe which now effectively prevents the team from escaping through the infirmary. After a struggle to break the pipe with the help of leverage and Lincoln, trying to push down onto the pipe from above, the group is unsuccessful. Dumbfounded and distressed, Michael says "We're not getting out of here." The episode ends with T-Bag pulling out a shank and threatening Michael, "Unfortunately pretty, that ain't an option."

Agent Hale calls Veronica and tells her he has information that could exonerate Lincoln Burrows for the murder of the Vice President's brother. Hale gives Veronica a time and place to meet. Once they meet, Hale is prepared to give Veronica papers with the names of everyone involved in framing Lincoln. Before Veronica could get the envelope, Agent Kellerman shows up and murders Hale, unaware that Veronica is watching.

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