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My Little Monster
Episode 8

2012 • 24m

Come Down to Syoyo Festival!

Haru gets upset when he sees Kenji with Shizuku. He goes to punch Kenji but misses and hits Shizuku instead. Shizuku opens up to Asako about Haru but when Asako offers advice, Shizuku coldly pushes her away. While walking together, Kenji explains Shizuku is partly at fault for not being honest with herself about her feelings and hurting Haru. Just then, he grabs Shizuku and hides in an empty room to avoid Yuzan. Haru enters the room with Chizuru, also avoiding Yuzan. The truth behind Kenji's words are revealed when they hear Haru and Chizuru discussing his pain with Shizuku. Just then, Yuzan walks in, and Haru holds Chizuru threateningly in front of him, but stops himself when he realizes that people are watching. Shizuku and Haru admit their mistakes to each other but decide to correct them, so Shizuku apologizes to Asako. Shizuku admits to Haru that she was afraid that if she let herself love Haru, her grades would suffer. She asks him for time to think about their relationship, and he agrees.

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