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My Little Monster
Episode 7

2012 • 24m

The Distance Between Us

Haru has flashbacks from his time with his Aunt Kyoko, when she tried to reach out to him. Haru's constant smothering leads Shizuku to demand her personal space. Asako adds that being touched by someone she doesn't like is the most repulsive thing to a girl. Chizuru reveals to Haru that Shizuku worries about him. On her way to obtain the results from a mock exam, Shizuku talks with Kenji about her personal priorities, to which she chooses schoolwork over Haru. Haru admits his feelings once again and almost kisses Shizuku, but stops himself, remembering Asako's words. Shizuku flees, as she still has feelings for Haru, despite her attempts to control her emotions.

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