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My Little Monster
Episode 5

2012 • 24m

Yoshida Family Matters

Shizuku shows an interest in learning more about Haru's past, and when Yuzan meets her after school, she takes the opportunity. Yuzan explains that their father had kicked Haru out of their home around middle school but had a change of heart and now wants Haru to come home. Yuzan tells Haru that he wants Haru to stay in school even if it is only because of Shizuku. Shizuku tells Haru that she would be sad if he left. Haru tells her that he chooses to be with her. Shizuku reflects on how much her life has changed since she met Haru. The class representative from Class A, Chizuru, thanks Haru for standing up for her. Shizuku notices the way Chizuru blushes when speaking to Haru.

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