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My Little Monster
Episode 2

2012 • 24m


Shizuku and Haru go to the monjayaki restaurant he has wanted to go to for a while, where Shizuku eats frantically to distract herself from Haru's kiss. The next day, Haru finds a stray rooster and decides to let someone adopt it. A girl named Asako Natsume asks Shizuku to tutor her for her makeup exam since a failure would mean her remedial class would clash with an offline meet-up with her internet community. Haru decides to tutor Asako in exchange for taking him along to the meetup. A boy named Sasahara agrees to care for the rooster. Shizuku eventually tutors Asako after she fails to understand anything Haru taught her and passes the exam, but Haru ruins the meet-up by starting a fight there. Later, Haru and Shizuku sit on the school roof, causing the latter to miss class for the first time. As Shizuku thinks about how Haru has changed her, she confesses to Haru that she loves him. In the epilogue, it is revealed that Asako offers occult help on love to the internet community.

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