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My Little Monster
Episode 13

2012 • 24m

Spring Is Near

After New Year's, Shizuku is studying when Haru barges into her room and asks Shizuku if she has seen "him". Shizuku doesn't understand what Haru means by "him" but Haru wants to keep it a secret. He goes away, leaving his phone behind. Haru encounters all of his friends while searching for "him," while always leaving something behind. Later, Yu finds Nagoya, Haru's rooster, and brings it to Haru's house, where she meets Haru's friends, there to return the items Haru left behind. Everyone now believes that Haru is looking for Nagoya. Shizuku meets Haru on her way home, who tells her that it isn't Nagoya he is searching for. He is searching for a glowing firefly. Suddenly, the two of them see it. Haru says that the reason he wanted to find the firefly was so he could see it together with Shizuku. Shizuku reflects that there are still many stories left to be told, about her friends and Haru.

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