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My Little Monster
Episode 12

2012 • 24m

The Year Draws To A Close

Asako reluctantly visits the batting cages to return an item she borrowed from Sasayan. While there, a boy called Yana tries to hit on her, as his friends all tease him. Upset by their behavior, Asako leaves and tells Sasayan that she hates boys because they cause her to be shunned by other girls. Asako and Haru go to a taiyaki restaurant, where she remarks how she feels safe with him because he only likes Shizuku. As the year ends, everyone goes their separate ways, leaving Asako lonely. When Shizuku calls for a favor, Asako bursts, which prompts Shizuku to invite her for a sleepover. Haru explains to Asako that her loneliness was unnecessary because she can visit him whenever she wants, leaving her to ponder if she would still be able to spend time with Haru and Shizuku should they become a couple. Sasayan invites the three to Hatsumōde. Later, the group goes to the roof of the batting cages to await Hatsuhinode. Asako inadvertently confesses to Mitsuyoshi, leaving him speechless. Sasayan overhears the confession, and tells Yana their "plan" failed.

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