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My Little Monster
Episode 11

2012 • 24m

The Yamaguchis' Son, Kenji-kun

Despite an initial denial, Kenji gradually realizes his romantic feelings for Shizuku. While walking to cram school, Kenji gets into an argument with Haru due to the latter's jealousy, ending with Haru hitting Shizuku on the head with a can after Kenji dodges it. In class, Kenji inadvertently tells Shizuku that he would be a better partner for her. Shizuku compliments his appeal as a person, pleasing Kenji. Getting lost while walking home, Kenji encounters Haru, who offers to walk with him. Kenji has a flashback of his past with Haru, showing how Haru became violent around elementary school. Alone at the bus stop, Haru reminisces about his past with Yuzan. It is revealed that their family was thrown into turmoil because of him, prompting Yuzan to wish that Haru didn't exist, finally explaining Haru's brother complex: avoiding Yuzan because of his true feelings. Shizuku arrives and Haru finally tells her his true feelings: of his suffering because his bizarre ways of showing others affection makes them hate and leave him. Shizuku realizes that her inability to understand him is the root of their problem.

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