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My Little Monster
Episode 10

2012 • 24m


Asako plans a surprise Christmas party to be held at Mitsuyoshi's batting cages however the surprise is spoilt when Shizuku confronts her. On their way to buy food for the party, Haru's punk friends invite themselves along with Kenji. The party turns out to be not quite what Asako intended but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves although Haru is now caught in a love triangle with Shizuku, Chizuru, and Kenji. Sasayan also makes note of Asako's infatuation with Mitsuyoshi which disappoints him somewhat. While outside, Haru threateningly tells Kenji to stay away from Shizuku, however he refuses; even questioning why he fell for her in the first place. Later when Haru walks Shizuku home they talk about an analogy for their relationship in the form of Ryūnosuke Akutagawa's story, The Spider's Thread. At the end, Haru admits that he is jealous of Shizuku attending winter Juku with Kenji, but after months of thought, and Kenji's advice, she finally confesses to Haru that he shouldn't worry because she does indeed love him, which makes him happy. Eventually Shizuku goes to the cram school and Haru makes a scene in public when she is with Kenji. In the epilogue, he continues to embarrass her even after one class is over, making sure she "goes straight home." They also walk past Chizuru; finally seen together with her friend Yū Miyama, who teases the former about her affection for Haru.

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