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Game of Thrones

3. Sezon 1. Bölüm

Süre: 54 dk

Game of Thrones S3 E1

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Game of Thrones dizisinin 3. sezonunun 1. bölümü "Valar Dohaeris" adını taşıyor. Bu Game of Thrones bölümü David Benioff ile D. B. Weiss tarafından yazıldı ve Daniel Minahan tarafından yönetildi. Dizinin bu bölümünün konusunu orijinal dilinde yani İngilizce olarak aşağıda okuyabilirsiniz:

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 1

Some of the Night's Watchmen, including Samwell Tarly and Joer Mormont, survive the White Walkers' attack and pledge to return to the Wall to warn the Seven Kingdoms. Jon Snow is brought before Mance Rayder, the "King beyond the Wall", and pledges his loyalty to the Wildlings. A scarred Tyrion Lannister tries to get Casterly Rock from Tywin, who makes other promises. Margaery Tyrell engages in charitable acts with King's Landing orphans. Littlefinger offers to help Sansa Stark escape King's Landing. Ros advises Shae to distrust Littlefinger. Davos Seaworth is rescued by Saan, who wants to break ties with Stannis Baratheon. Davos returns to Dragonstone where he unsuccessfully tries to kill Melisandre and is imprisoned. She blames him for convincing Stannis for not letting her join the battle. In Essos, Daenerys Targaryen arrives in Astapor to buy an army of brutally-trained mercenary soldiers, the "Unsullied". The Qarth warlocks attempt to assassinate her, but Selmy, the former Kingsguard commander, saves her and then pledges his loyalty.

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