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Game of Thrones

2. Sezon 3. Bölüm

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Game of Thrones S2 E3

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Game of Thrones dizisinin 2. sezonunun 3. bölümü "What Is Dead May Never Die" adını taşıyor. Bu Game of Thrones bölümü Bryan Cogman tarafından yazıldı ve Alik Sakharov tarafından yönetildi. Dizinin bu bölümünün konusunu orijinal dilinde yani İngilizce olarak aşağıda okuyabilirsiniz:

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 3

Catelyn arrives at Renly's camp to negotiate an alliance. The female warrior, Brienne of Tarth, wins the right to join Renly's king's guard through combat. Renly has recently wed Margaery Tyrell, Loras's sister. Renley avoids consummating his and Margaery's marriage due to his homosexuality and sexual relationship with Loras. In the Iron Islands, Balon plans an attack on the North, led by Yara. After burning a letter warning Robb of Balon's impending attack, Theon affirms his allegiance to House Greyjoy in a water-based ceremony. In King's Landing, Tyrion imprisons Pycelle after learning he is Cersei's informant. Tyrion appoints his lover, Shae, as Sansa's handmaiden, both to protect Shae and watch Sansa. Beyond the Wall, Craster demands the Night's Watchmen leave. Jon discovers that Jeor already knew about Craster's crimes. On the road to the wall, the band of Night's Watch recruits are attacked by Lannister soldiers searching for Gendry. Yoren is killed, and Arya is taken prisoner. To protect Gendry, Arya falsely states the soldiers have killed him.

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